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Dickson Primary School: ' Where Happy Children are Happy Learners.'

Who's Who

Principal - Mrs Williamson


Nursery - Mrs Morrow

Primary 1 - Mrs Moore

Primary 2 - Miss Moffett 

Primary 3 - Mrs Wiggam and Mrs Bunting

Primary 4 - Miss Blakely

Primary 4/5 - Mrs Hewitt & Mrs Hutchinson

Primary 5 - Mrs Thompson (Vice Principal)

Primary 6 - Mr Harrison

Primary 7 - Mr Corkin



Classroom Assistants

Nursery Assistant - Miss Dumigan 

Primary 1 Assistant - Mrs Clarke

Primary 2 Assistant - Mrs Parks


SEN Assistants


Mrs Holmes

Mrs Jones

Mrs Daly

Ms Aubury

Mrs McKitterick

Mrs Tipping

Miss Thompson

Miss Watson

Miss White

Miss Elliott


Care Taker

Mr Forbes


School Secretary

Mrs Thompson


Cleaning Staff

Mrs Uprichard

Mrs Andrews

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