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Dickson Primary School: ' Where Happy Children are Happy Learners.'

The Elf on the Shelf

Jinx is Back.....

Jinx was up to some more tricks today!!  He had made himself a submarine and was found at the bottom of the fish tank.  What will he get up to next?????
Jinx was very excited about the Pantomime and asked Santa if he could join us on our trip.  P4 took great care of him and made sure he had a great view of the show.

We are very glad that Jinx has got his magic back. We caught him having a snowball fight!!

Oh Dear, someone touched Jinx and his Christmas magic has disappeared. Let's hope Santa's magic elf dust does the trick.

Jinx enjoys Movie Night with his friends.

'Jinx' takes the children for some drumming lessons...

'Jinx' found his way to the music tuition room- the P7 children were thrilled to find him happy, with his drum kit and sticks at the ready. He can now add 3 more children to the 'Nice' list.

I'm an elf; get me out of here!!!!

Jinx managed to get through his Bushtucker trial of lying in a box full of snakes and can now add another 3 children to the 'Nice' list.

Oh dear!!! Jinx has been naughty again.

Jinx was happy to be out of jail and decided to have some fun in his parachute.
Jinx was hard to find today but it turned out he was in jail for all his misbehaving!

Our mischievous elf Jinx decided that the teachers need to brush up on their ho ho ho-ing and spread some Christmas cheer!

Jinx has been up to his tricks again and he has even got Mrs Thompson in Elf training!

Jinx Arrives in School


Last night Jinx fell out of Santa's sack at the craft fayre.  He decided that Dickson Primary School looked like so much fun he would stay.  Jinx is one of Santa's magical messenger elves, which means he reports back to Santa about girls and boys.  He goes through his magical elf door each night and flies back to the North Pole to tell Santa which children should go on the naughty list and which children should go on the nice list.  During the day when everyone is awake Jinx can't move or speak but he is always watching and listening.


At night when he arrives back from talking to Santa he gets up to all sorts of mischief.


Children remember - You can't touch Jinx or his magic will disappear!


Watch here for all the updates from Jinx's adventures at Dickson Primary School.

Jinx's Arrival

Jinx gets up to mischief at the weekend!

Jinx takes the zip line into the Christmas tree and makes a mess on the way!