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Primary 7

Emmanuelle Church visited us to do some work about transition to high school 


Froggy aka Matthew and Rachel visited us in P7 to do some activities on transition...






Homework week beginning 31st May, 2021


1. Reading- complete x1 Bug Club reading book for Friday

2. Tables- play the game Robot Blaster on Bug Club (1,2&3 dot levels)

3. Return any reading books that belong to school on Friday

4. Cycling Proficiency for group 2 only will be on Friday 4th June (all day & weather permitting-  you should bring your bicycle & helmet (should you have one)

*make sure you have a water-proof coat on this day*

5. Enjoy the great weather and get outdoors for plenty of walks!

Homework week beginning 17th May 2021


All homework to be completed and returned on Friday 21st May- thank you. 😊


1. Spellings- using your spelling lists of difficult words to revise over the words that you have been finding hard. Practise these by writing them out on the lined paper provided.

2. Tables- use you P7 Maths Manual that were sent home earlier this year to revise over key maths facts.  


3. SPAG revision booklet- spelling, punctuation and grammar practice questions.

4. Maths revision booklet- Number booklet revising square numbers, cube numbers, prime numbers etc 

5. 10 minute reading tasks- x 2 reading tasks 

6. Reading 

Charlotte's Web- read on to the end of the book this week please.

Why the Whales Came- read on to the end of the book this week please. 

War Horse- read on to the end of the book this week please.

Mr Haugh's group-

6. Revise over times tables- bronze brigade children revise your x6, x7, x8 silver squad children revise x7 x8 x9 facts; gold gang revise over x9, x11 & x12; platinum posse revise over tricky tables 😀


All of the homework this week should be completed in the booklets, please. 

If you get stuck on anything, ask me the next morning and we can go through it.☺


Mr Corkin 👍

Heroic Henry the Rescue Dog pops in as part of our Mindful Week

Read some of our phenomenal Poppy Poetry to celebrate the centenary of the Royal British Legion

Multiplication - Primary

Division - Corbettmaths

Corbettmaths - This video explains how to divide using short division. It goes through four different examples. Very useful for all school mathematicians.Pra...

Subtraction - Corbettmaths

Corbettmaths - This video explains how to subtract using columns. It begins without 'borrowing' and works up to having be 'borrow' twice.

Addition - Corbettmaths

This video explains how to add using the column method of addition.Practice Questions:

Adding Decimals - Corbettmaths

Corbettmaths - This video shows how to add decimals.

Subtracting decimals - Corbettmaths

Corbettmaths - This video shows how to subtract decimals.

Do you love learning about flags, capital cities and countries? 

Check out these cool games... learn your countries, continents and cities plus many more cool things!

Check out the link to the web-page below:


Thank you to all of those parents who have forwarded photographs of their children working hard at home with schoolwork or extra-curricular activities... they're great!

Can I ask you to use only your child's first name on any sheets or activities that you are sending me. Also, when emailing these over, please advise me if you give permission for your child's work to be posted on to the school website!


Kindest regards,

Mr Corkincool

Online Learning Support- please find below a range of websites that have an array of games and activities to support your child while they are learning at home. smiley
Literacy Games and Activities:

Numeracy Games and Activities:


 Dear Parents, Guardians, Boys and Girls,


RE: Bug Club Reading

I have been having a browse through some of the children's answers to their BUGs where the children have to type in an answer to a specific question related to their book, and it is evident that the children are not reading the books properly as their answers very often lack depth or are not reflective of what the question is asking them to do.

Please read the books at a pace where you can take the main points from the text to help you answer the questions properly.

Thank you for your support and take care,

Mr Corkin


Welcome to Year 7!laugh


A very warm welcome to you from all in Year 7 at Dickson Primary School!


Within Year 7, we want the children to be happy, safe and become life-long learners, and with the enriched, differentiated and stimulating curriculum, your child has the opportunity to do this.


The current staff within P7 are Mr Corkin, Mrs Holmes and Mrs Wells.


This year, your child will be engaged in a range of exciting, broad, innovative activities that will give them the opportunity to work to their full potential.


Within Numeracy we will embed skills within Place Value; learn more about the complex world of Calculations including Problem Solving and cover a range of intentions in Shape and Space, Information Handling and Measures...


In Literacy, the children will improve on their knowledge of sentence structure while learning about how to use commas and other more advanced punctuation correctly. We will study a range of different Fiction and Non-Fiction texts, and the children will have a go at writing their very own versions of the texts. Should be fun!


Our topic this term is the fateful tragedy of 'The Titanic'... The children love this topic, and it always engages all children where they can produce excellent pieces of work from right across the curriculum, from Literacy to Art!


Along with a multitiude of other activities, this is just a snap-shot of the fun, happy and enriched learning that goes on within the Year 7 classroom!


We look forward to meeting you all throughout the year!



Mr Corkin and the P7 staff!

Important Information

PE days in P7 are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Swimming is on a Wednesday- if your child cannot take part in either PE or Swimming, a note must be sent in to school.


All monies sent into school must be sent, on a Monday, in the money wallets provided.


Thank you for your support and cooperation.