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Primary 5


We are putting together a virtual Final Assembly.  In true Dickson style we want to include the children singing as part of this Assembly and so we have a big favour to ask.  We are asking the children to record themselves singing a new song.  It’s very appropriate and copyright free so we can use it on our facebook page to let everyone see it. 


If you go to the website: 

You will find a recording of the song and the lyrics to help the children learn it.  When you think you have it perfected the children need to put on headphones to listen to the music and sing along to.  Use the track with the calls so that you all do the same thing.  Record the child singing along to the track.  This way when you record we will only hear the child’s voice. 

(You will see the children in the final edit so remember to check what background they are standing against when recording and what they are wearing.  We don’t mind whether or not they wear their school uniform.  The choice is yours.) 

When you are happy with the recording you need to send it to me.  It will be a big file and it won’t send as a normal email. 

To send your recording go to 

From here you will be able to email me the file. 

We need all your recordings by Tuesday 23rd  June so that we can get everything edited. 

Please, please help, we would like to make this a very special Final Assembly and we can’t do it without you.   

A selection of the photos sent to me for week 12 - 19 June. 

Well Primary 5 - we have made it - we are now into our last week of this school year.  Things didn't go according to plan and our school year has been cut very short.  Some of you have worked extremely hard at home in term 3 - well done - I am very proud of you and the work that you have emailed back to me.  I really have missed you all this term and enjoyed teaching you this year.  Have a great summer and remember to stay safe.  See you all at the end of August when you return and will be in P6.


Below are some summer pictures that you may want to colour as a practical activity.

Monday 22 June

Again this week we are continuing with practical activities.   You could also finish your Ancient Egyptian booklet and handwriting booklet. 

Practical Activity

Go for a walk - how many different colours can you see?  Make a list of the colour and the object.  Can you find something to represent all the colours of the rainbow.  Here is a rhyme to help you learn the colours -

Richard of York gained battle in vain.

Red orange yellow green blue indigo violet.

(If it is raining walk around your house)


Tuesday 23 June

Treasure Hunt - Create an indoor treasure hunt!  Select a range of items that can be hidden around the home or in the garden.  Take it in turns to hide the items and then the other person has to seek the items. 

To vary the game, make clues as to where each item is hidden.  For example the place where you go to rest at night (in bed).


Wednesday 24 June

Make a den

Using sheets, blankets, large cardboard boxes, cushions, pillows, duvets and chairs create your perfect den. 





Thursday 25 June


Salt dough sculptures

To make the salt dough you will need - salt, plain flour and water. 

Mix 1 part salt and 2 parts plain flour in a bowl and gradually stir in water until it makes a dough - like mixture.  Turn the dough onto a flat surface and knead until smooth and combined.  Once made, you can make the salt dough into any shapes or designs you wish. 

Once completed, bake in the oven at 180 ºC or gas mark 4 for 20 minutes.  You may need to vary the time depending on the thickness of your model. 

Once cooked, leave to cool and paint.

You do not need to do all of the multiplication mosaic sheets - choose one

Friday 26 June 2020

Shoebox model - using old shoe boxes, make a model ( a house or a hero's den) that could be used when playing with action figures and toys.  Use your imagination - how creative can you be!!!!




Make an obstacle course outside

The obstacle course could involve hopping a long a wall, skipping on the spot, walking a tightrope on the floor, snaking through the legs of a table, throwing balls or beanbags at a target, doing a forward roll and much more.  How quickly can you complete your course - get someone to time you, then see can you beat it.




Here is a little science activity
Below are some additional practical challenge activities that you may want to do over the summer.