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Dickson Primary School: ' Where Happy Children are Happy Learners.' STAY AT HOME, STAY SAFE AND PROTECT YOURSELVES, FAMILY AND OUR NHS! 💙

Primary 3/4


We are putting together a virtual Final Assembly.  In true Dickson style we want to include the children singing as part of this Assembly and so we have a big favour to ask.  We are asking the children to record themselves singing a new song.  It’s very appropriate and copyright free so we can use it on our facebook page to let everyone see it. 


If you go to the website: 

You will find a recording of the song and the lyrics to help the children learn it.  When you think you have it perfected the children need to put on headphones to listen to the music and sing along to.  Use the track with the calls so that you all do the same thing.  Record the child singing along to the track.  This way when you record we will only hear the child’s voice. 

(You will see the children in the final edit so remember to check what background they are standing against when recording and what they are wearing.  We don’t mind whether or not they wear their school uniform.  The choice is yours.) 

When you are happy with the recording you need to send it to me.  It will be a big file and it won’t send as a normal email. 

To send your recording go to 

From here you will be able to email me the file. 

We need all your recordings by Tuesday 23rd  June so that we can get everything edited. 

Please, please help, we would like to make this a very special Final Assembly and we can’t do it without you.   

P4 overview week beginning 22nd June

P3 overview week beginning 22nd June

Fractions - Halves and Quarters

Learn about fractions with halves and quarters. Acknowledgement of artwork (character illustrations): 'Gerald_G'

P4 overview and related activities week beginning 15th June

Give Me Half! by Stuart J. Murphy

A MathStart story about understanding halves, read by Janet Ginsburg:

Fronter App 


Fronter is an education communication platform 


We have created a P4 discussion forum for the teaching staff of P4 to communicate with the children and keep spirits up during this challenging time. 


I will regularly check the discussion forum during this isolation period, and I will also be submitting challenges, quotes and activities for the children to have fun completing. 


The Fronter App can be located on your child’s ‘MySchool’ homepage.


Follow the instructions below: 

  • Using google or another web browser,  search ‘MySchool’ 
  • Click on ‘MySchool’ / ‘MySchool Login’ 
  • Click on ‘My Links’ on your child’s My School homepage
  • Click on Fronter app icon- (Blue F symbol)
  • Click on P4 communication forum 
  • Scroll down, type comment where it states ‘write your contribution to the conversation below’ 


It must be noted that the communication forum is solely for communication purposes between teachers and pupils and not pupil to pupil.


Keep your eyes out for regular updates on the Fronter app!! 

Hope you are all keeping well and staying inside and around your house. We have made a list of websites you can use for games and activities to pass your day.


Get out your lego and jigsaws- play and create!

Welcome to Primary 3/4


Our teacher is Miss Blakely. 


P.E. days are as follows-

P4: Wednesday, Thursday

P3: Wednesday, Friday


This term we are learning about Winter

Out and about looking at different types of houses as part of our new topic- Houses and Homes

Fun with Lego during Golden Time

Making pictures using 2D shapes!

Finding different 2D shapes around our classroom

Making chocolate apples. Yum Yum!

Nature walk in Lurgan Park

Printing using apples to make Autumn trees

Number work