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School Starts Thursday 29th August (9am until 12)

Primary 3

Welcome to Primary 3!


The class teachers in Primary 3 are Mrs Wiggam (Monday, Thursday and Friday) and Mrs Hutchinson ( Tuesday and Wednesday).

Mrs Tipping and Mrs Jones are the classroom assistants.



Monday: Reading, spellings, tables and literacy

Tuesday: Reading, spellings, tables and numeracy

Wednesday: Reading, spellings, tables and literacy

Thursday: Reading, revise spellings and tables, and handwriting





Primary 3 have had great fun beginning our ‘Schools Cool’ topic this term!


We have completed lots of activities in order to learn more about our school. We worked together to find Dickson Primary School on a map of the local area. We have also completed a walk around the school, to get a better sense of the layout and enable us to identify various classrooms and areas on a plan of the school. Last week, we carried out an investigation of some materials we might find in the school and discussed their properties, such as shape, colour and texture.


In the coming weeks, we are very excited to learn more about this topic including school life in other countries and what it was like in the past.