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Primary 3


We are putting together a virtual Final Assembly.  In true Dickson style we want to include the children singing as part of this Assembly and so we have a big favour to ask.  We are asking the children to record themselves singing a new song.  It’s very appropriate and copyright free so we can use it on our facebook page to let everyone see it. 


If you go to the website: 

You will find a recording of the song and the lyrics to help the children learn it.  When you think you have it perfected the children need to put on headphones to listen to the music and sing along to.  Use the track with the calls so that you all do the same thing.  Record the child singing along to the track.  This way when you record we will only hear the child’s voice. 

(You will see the children in the final edit so remember to check what background they are standing against when recording and what they are wearing.  We don’t mind whether or not they wear their school uniform.  The choice is yours.) 

When you are happy with the recording you need to send it to me.  It will be a big file and it won’t send as a normal email. 

To send your recording go to 

From here you will be able to email me the file. 

We need all your recordings by Tuesday 23rd  June so that we can get everything edited. 

Please, please help, we would like to make this a very special Final Assembly and we can’t do it without you.   

Well everyone this is our last week of Primary 3 homeschooling. If you have completed most of the activities you are a superstar and will be more than ready for Primary 4. Keep reading over the summer holidays, complete any Bug Clubs you haven't read or even get a couple of novels and read them. I know some of you have already started to do this. I hope you have enjoyed the work Mrs Wiggam and I have set for you - we enjoyed seeing all the work you have emailed to us. It just wasn't the same though as being in class and I can't wait until we get back to school in September - fingers crossed we will be all be back ASAP. 

Enjoy your summer holidays - I'll maybe see some of you in Lurgan park or even in Portrush. Send me wee pictures of you during the summer so I can keep updated on your activities! 

We miss you lots, keep safe and see you soon.

Lots of love Mrs Hutchinson and Mrs Wiggam


We won't set any new Bug Club this week so please use the time to catch up on any books you haven't read-some of you will have an easy week and some of you will be very busy!!! Maybe you are reading your own novel and that is great. Send me a photo of it.


Have a great week.



Some children in Primary 3 have completed all their reading books. A big well done to Andrew, Laura, Filip J,    Jonah K. AJ, Zara, Kacey and Jacob. You are all amazing!! Wow!!

Ameera, Anastasia, Zac ,Evie T, Dakota and Patrick have also been working really hard to complete their books. Only a few left. Keep up the brilliant work.

Also working well to complete their books are Ellie and Brooklyn. Great work everyone!! 






We've Kept Working to The End!

Work for Week Beginning 22nd June

Fractions - Halves and Quarters

Learn about fractions with halves and quarters. Acknowledgement of artwork (character illustrations): 'Gerald_G'

Summer Activity Booklet

Summer Reading Challenge

Work for Week Beginning 15th June

Give Me Half! by Stuart J. Murphy

A MathStart story about understanding halves, read by Janet Ginsburg:

Power point for Wednesday 17th June

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