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Dickson Primary School: ' Where Happy Children are Happy Learners.' STAY AT HOME, STAY SAFE AND PROTECT YOURSELVES, FAMILY AND OUR NHS! 💙

Primary 1

P1 Zoom Call - Wednesday 24th June at 1:30pm.


We are really excited to catch up as a whole class using Zoom. Below are some important rules to read before the meeting-


  1. Video calls take place in a ‘locked room’ online which can only be accessed using the class Personal Meeting ID and password (this is given to parents before the call takes place). The teacher will submit each pupil into the room. If you need the details any, phone into the school.


  1. If your child is taking part in the call- please make sure they are accompanied by an adult at all times in a quiet room to minimise noise/distractions.


  1. The class teacher will always lead the call from a classroom in school with another adult.


  1. If there is any inappropriate behaviour the meeting will be ended immediately for all pupils.
Keep the photos coming - we love to see them! Can you spot yourself?



Week 12
This week you have one practical activity each day found in the overview.  Please complete and send me some photographs. 

There is no new Bug Club this week but use this time to catch up on books that you haven't read.


Also please select one practical activity from here too:

Joe Wicks' PE Lesson

Family bike ride

Look at photos with my family

Play a board game

Play with construction toys with mum or dad

Draw / paint a picture

Make a model with an adult

Play a sport together with your family


Have some pamper time: hair, nails, make up etc. with my family

Go on a family walk

Nature walk


Help around the house with some chores (ask first of course before attempting any!)

With parental permission and supervision, help out with some DIY

Watch a Nature programme together


Missing you all!

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Miss Gibson laugh



Documents for Week Beginning 15th June

Monday - Joseph and His Coat

Tuesday - Symmetrical Butterfly Painting

Websites to help with Home-schooling


Hope you are all keeping well and staying inside and around your house.

Below is a list of websites you can use for games and activities to pass your day. - Free 30 day trial



Get out your lego and jigsaws- play and create some wonderful creations. 

Welcome to Primary 1!

Miss Gibson is the Primary 1 teacher while Mrs Collings is on Maternity Leave. Mrs Clarke is the Primary 1 classroom assistant.

In our class, we have 30 pupils in all, 14 girls and 16 boys.

We hope that you enjoy looking at all of the exciting things that we do in Primary 1, including Structured play-time, both indoors and outdoors, as well as practical Literacy, Numeracy and World Around Us activities.

P.E. days are Wednesday and Friday. Please wear your yellow t-shirts and bring your shorts and plimsoles in your PE bag.



P1 Valentines Day Art

P1 Valentines Day Art 1
P1 Valentines Day Art 2
P1 Valentines Day Art 3
P1 Valentines Day Art 4
P1 Valentines Day Art 5
P1 Valentines Day Art 6
P1 Valentines Day Art 7
P1 Valentines Day Art 8
P1 Valentines Day Art 9
P1 Valentines Day Art 10
P1 Valentines Day Art 11
P1 Valentines Day Art 12
P1 Valentines Day Art 13
P1 Valentines Day Art 14
P1 Valentines Day Art 15
P1 Valentines Day Art 16
P1 Valentines Day Art 17
P1 Valentines Day Art 18
P1 Valentines Day Art 19
P1 Valentines Day Art 20
P1 Valentines Day Art 21
P1 Valentines Day Art 22
P1 Valentines Day Art 23
P1 Valentines Day Art 24
P1 Valentines Day Art 25

Having fun in Primary one!

Having fun in Primary one! 1 Having fn at Hip Hop!
Having fun in Primary one! 2 Oo Meabh.. what are you listening to?
Having fun in Primary one! 3 Ava, this is beautiful!
Having fun in Primary one! 4 Wow Jacob, this is super!
Having fun in Primary one! 5 Where are you working today Natasha?
Having fun in Primary one! 6 Fantastic Mason!
Having fun in Primary one! 7 Brilliant building Karter!
Having fun in Primary one! 8 You look very focused Konstantin.
Having fun in Primary one! 9 Well done Savannah!