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Welcome to Dickson Nursery Unit 

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Thank you to all the parents who emailed me pictures this week.  Obviously, without your contribution I would have nothing to show.   It was great for me and other parents to see all the creativity we have in nursery school. 

Home Learning 18th Jan


This week we will be focusing on scissor skills and bean bags.  I have included most of the detail in the packs this week, so you don't have to keep looking at the website.  Please take care with the scissors and start with the safety instructions!! Hopefully the pictures below will give you some more ideas for activities of your own.  Please work at the stage your child is ready for and progress from there.  Do not feel pressure to complete the cutting activities and simply store them away for a time when your child is ready for them.


The bean bags are to encourage lots of physical movement and I know the children will enjoy playing with these and trying out different skills. 

Scissor Skills

Mrs Mrs Morrow's Story-Pig Get's Stuck

Still image for this video
I hope the children enjoying hearing me read a story!

. How Many Sleeps 'Til My Birthday?


Bean Bag Activities

The Winter Wish

Eat Your Peas

Sonic The Hedgehog | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Home Learning Week beginning 11th January


This week our home learning focus will be on play dough.  Each child will be provided with a bag of home made play dough and some resources to use with it.  We have not been using this resource in school this year so this may be a first experience for some children.  


Our first focus this week is using our hands!  I would like you all to start with one colour of dough. I would like all parents to play with their child for these sessions as they would have adult support and conversation in nursery.    Let your child enjoy the feeling of the dough and use their hands to squeeze and press the dough.   

  • use their fists to press the dough
  • use their hands to roll the dough on the table
  • use their hands to roll the dough unto balls 
  • use their fingers to press and make marks in the dough
  • use their finger tips to roll small shapes

These are are great exercises for fine motor skills which help children to hold pencils. 


Then you can let your and their imagination go wild to make your own creations.


After a few days of these exercises you can then introduce the rolling pin, cutters and tools to extend the play and progress the skills.   After the children have had some experience with the dough you can introduce using the two colours together.  There should be plenty to talk about as they mix the colours. Remember to only mix small amounts at the beginning as some children will prefer the separate colours but once it is mixed it will be mixed!


I have included the recipe so that you can make your own in due course.  Then you can create even more colours.


The play dough you have received is home made so if it is stored in the sealed bag it will last a few weeks.  If it is left out it will harden like any other play dough.  While playing with it, if it goes dry add a very small amount of oil, if it goes wet/sticky add flour (children love to add the flour in nursery).


I hope everyone enjoys playing with the play dough!

Nursery News January

Handwashing A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

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