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Primary 7 trip to Manchester 22nd - 25th May


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School Council 2017-18

School Council 2017-18 1
School Council 2017-18 2
The School Council have been busy coming up with ideas about how to give all pupils at Dickson Primary School a voice. They have designed a suggestion wall to enable all children (P1-P7) to write up their ideas about how to improve school life.  The Council then meet and discuss these ideas in order to decide what action to take.

Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday 1
Remembrance Sunday 2
Remembrance Sunday 3
Remembrance Sunday 4
Molly and Stefan laid the school wreath at Lurgan Cenotaph.  They did a great job and did the school proud.

The School Council 2016-17

Over the past year we, as the School Council, have had lots of opportunities to meet together and discuss various concerns and ideas that have come from you and from the committee. We have planned lots of fundraisers that you have all taken part in, and for that we would like to say a HUGE THANKYOU!

This year we, the pupils of Dickson Primary School, have raised a FANTASTIC amount of money…we have raised £3082.94! At the start of the year we decided that we wanted to buy new gymnastics equipment, which we were able to do. We have lots of money left over that we are thinking carefully about what else we could get to for school that can be used by everyone.

A big thank you to everyone for your hard work in raising this money!